ZIMRA embarks on modernisation drive

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is to boost its revenue collection through modern control techniques and technologies aimed at improving efficiency as well as reducing corruption.

ZIMRA says it is in the process of rolling out its modernisation blue print which is set to increase efficiency and accountability in its mandate of fiscal services and facilitation of travel and trade, thereby increasing revenue collection.

ZIMRA Commissioner of Customs and Exercise, Commissioner Happias Kuzvinzwa told the ZBC News on the sidelines of a senior management training workshop that the authority identified new technologies and methods for its strategic units.

This is in line with ZIMRA’s blue print that is aimed at enhancing efficiency in customs administration and revenue collections as well as dealing with issues of corruption.

Recently, the authority unveiled new scanners valued at US$10,5 million which were donated by the People’s Republic of China.

The scanners take three minutes to scan a truck.

Though the revenue authority has made inroads in modernising processes at ports of entry, it has however failed to tape into the informal sector which is evading taxation.

Analysts argue that it is not prudent to concentrate on taxing people in the formal sector, the majority of whom are in the civil service which is poorly remunerated while informal business people, artists, sportspersons and others fail to remit any taxes.