About Us

FCFASA is the Regional apex body for the National Clearing and Forwarding Associations in southern Africa. Launched at its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 29th April 2010 in Zambia, FCFASA is domiciled in Zimbabwe as a non-profit membership organization. FCFASA members cover the key transit routes of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA).

To act as the regional voice of the clearing and forwarding industry (the Industry) in its key role of influencing appropriate legislation, policy, practices and procedures, and agreements, and their implementation at the Regional level. FCFASA is committed to be the private sector dialogue partner of the relevant structures in Regional bodies such as COMESA and SADC in order to facilitate the development of a smooth supply chain across the Region. FCFASA is further committed to drive its membership programmes, which include membership development, while maintaining a high Regional Business Organisation (RBO) profile and recognition by key stakeholders throughout southern Africa. Its key role is in influencing appropriate legislation, policy, practices, procedures and agreements, and their implementation at the Regional level. In this regard, FCFASA will mobilize and capacitate its members to effectively articulate issues and priorities of common interest. FCFASA will maintain links and effective and mutually beneficial partnerships with selected bodies, and collaborate with donor funded programmes, public and private sector bodies that add value to the organization.

The FCFASA vision is to be “The voice of the clearing and freight forwarding industry in southern Africa” 

To facilitate and conduct effective advocacy and the promotion of members’ interests in trade facilitation and Supply Chain Management. 

FCFASA Objectives
FCFASA’s main goal is the creation and maintenance of a conducive supply chain environment through, primarily, high level advocacy. This goal will be attained by the realisation of the following objectives, adapted from the FCFASA Constitution:

  • To co-ordinate the development and growth of the Clearing and Forwarding industry in Southern Africa, in the best interests of member Associations and the general public
  • To establish a Code of Ethics to be adopted by each member Association.
  • To promote the efficient movement of cargo by carriers, either surface or air, or any other parties involved in the freight supply chain.
  • To promote and encourage the efficient and capable operations of Customs authorities in the region, with a view to standardization and simplification of documentation and procedures.
  • To promote, support and advocate for any proposed legislation or measures focusing on the Industry in the interest of Members.
  • Independently or in consultation with any other organizations, person or company, to promote standards for vocational training at an affordable cost to Member Associations.