Message from the President

President's Biodata

The Federation of Clearing and forwarding Associations of Southern Africa (FCFASA) has been created with main objective to coordinate the development and growth of the clearing and forwarding industry in Southern Africa.  We aim at promoting efficient movement of cargo and to establish code of ethics.

In recognition to the importance of trade as an engine for growth and alleviation of poverty, it is firmly believed that the implementation of trade facilitation measures will bring numerous benefits to the African Continent through improvements in the areas of transparency and fairness, good governance and modernization of the trade supply chain.

International Trade creates a bond of friendship among people of different Countries.  It also moves culture and beliefs.Hence, trade facilitation is of importance for the economic development.

But, on the other hand, implementation of trade facilitation measures has its own challenges that may vary from one country to the other.  However, these challenges are not unique among the African Union Members States.  Among others, they range from technical to financial capacity deficiency to inadequacy of political will among stakeholders.  

My vision as Chairman of the FCFASA:  My wish is to promote:

Commerce with Culture

Trade with traditions &

Entrepreneurship with entertainment

Hence, we pursue to promote, support, advocate or oppose, as may be deemed to be in the best interests of the Federation and Member Associations, any proposed legislative or other measures affecting the interests of the region.

On the other hand, our collaboration is assured to any other Government or Private Organization to reach our objectives and our vision.